I am a Master’s Student at the University of Tennessee School of Information Science with expected graduation in May 2014.  Currently, I am a librarian at Columbus-Lowndes Public Library in Columbus, MS. I have worked previously in two branches of the Madison County Library System in Madison County, Mississippi.  My two main career interests are special libraries and public libraries.  I would like to work in a special library, such as a museum or corporate library, in a reference capacity or information analyst.  My interest in public libraries encompasses mainly working with teens, but I am also interested in reference.  My résumé demonstrates work experience, education, memberships, and awards..  I love reading, baking, crafting, and watching films and television.

The University of Tennessee offers the ePortfolio as a Capstone option.  An ePortfolio is dynamic in nature.  As it continually changes and grows, it provides flexibility for future updates.  This ePortfolio demonstrates the core knowledge and competencies I have gained during my program of study at SIS as well as abilities, experiences, and projections on my career goals.