Management of Information Organizations Final Project

Showcase: Management of Information Organizations Final Product


I believe that the Management of Information Organizations final paper demonstrates a knowledge and understanding of the four frameworks of management posed by Bolman and Deal.  Throughout the Management course, students wrote papers on each of the frameworks, along with a brief explanation of a personal experience in a professional capacity in the chosen organization.  The final project of the semester is to combine all of the papers with the personal case.  Students view the personal case through each frame in order to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of the chosen organization.  This paper demonstrates my knowledge to view an organization from different aspects to ascertain its strengths and weaknesses in order to improve the workings of that organization.

Writing four papers throughout the semester caused me to look at my organization in ways I had never viewed it before.  I believe that the final product demonstrates an ability to view organizations through different frames, and that ability demonstrates the aptitude for management of information organizations in the future.  The ability to ascertain not only strengths and weaknesses of an organization, but to recognize how the organization can be improved relates to ALA Competency Area 8: Administration and management, which is listed as my sixth competency area.

From this project, I learned more about the inner workings of my organization and organizations in general; I also learned about my place within the organization, and how different styles of management are implemented within organizations.

In the future, when viewing organizations through the four frames, I believe that I should also view myself and my position within the organization through the frames, in order to achieve a proper perspective of both myself and the organization.


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