February 10 – 14

All of the winter weather this week has really thrown off my schedule.  I planned to pull a Valentine’s Day display together on Monday, finalize the nonfiction list I’ve been working on, and start getting official plans started for Teen Tech Week.  On Monday, the library closed early due to inclement weather, closed completely on Tuesday, and opened late on Thursday.  Friday, the public computers were down for maintenance; the routers had to be rebooted, which messed up the library’s Sirsi.  So, due to the early closings and weird schedule this week, the Valentine’s display didn’t happen.  I think I may revamp the idea to use at a different time, because I really like the idea of having romance and love on one side with zombies and stuff on the other.  Zombies are really popular with the teens here (lots of them have requested zombie books), but some of them have admitted to enjoying love stories as well.  I’m hoping that the contrast of the two types will generate interest.

As for the nonfiction search, well, it’s hard to find teen books without the word “teen” in the title.  While I realize that having the word “teen” in the title announces that the book is specifically for teens, I find that teens are less likely to check out the book.  Unfortunately, some of the more current titles for the subject matter I am interested in do have teen in the title.  I realize that this can’t be helped, but I am a little disappointed in authors.  Anyway, like I said on February 4, I am so excited for new nonfiction titles to be added to the collection!  I think that adding more nonfiction will be so helpful to teens in the community, and I can’t wait for the books to come in and be checked out.

Also, the books that were ordered through the LSTA grant are making their way through cataloging to be put out! So far, I’ve put out about two dozen of the books, and there are still so many more to go! I am SO excited to be able to provide books in the subject areas that the teens have requested.  I know they’re going to love all the books.