My resume covers my educational and work experiences, as well as memberships in professional associations and awards.


In the future, I plan to fully utilize the knowledge and experiences that I have obtained during my course of study at UT School of Information Sciences.  Because I have taken such a broad variety of classes, I find that my career interests are also very broad.  I am interested in academic libraries, teen and young adult services, special libraries, and federal libraries.  Currently, my two main career goals focus on academic libraries and Teen or Young Adult services in public libraries.  Working as a research librarian at an academic library is a career that I have been extremely interested in since my entrance into the realm of Information Sciences, and I believe that it would be the perfect environment in which to work.  Being in an intellectual environment such as an academic library would provide opportunities for continual learning and growth, which are two things for which I strive.  The work I have done in my practicum as Teen Specialist has also made me interested in working with teens and young adults.  Creating programming, managing and developing a teen and young adult collection, and general teen and young adult services have been extremely rewarding  experiences.  Having the ability to reach out to teens and create services based on what they need to develop into adults is something I take very seriously enjoy immensely.  I expect that, in the future, I should be able to fully incorporate the knowledge and learning experiences that I have gained in my SIS academic program and to become a successful information professional.

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