Practicum Objectives and Description

My practicum is located at the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library (CLPL) in Columbus, MS, and my duties are those of Teen Specialist.  I will be working closely with Lindsey Miller, the Youth Services Coordinator and my practicum supervisor, for the duration of my practicum.  I am currently employed as a Circulation Employee at CLPL, but my duties as Teen Specialist have been taken on in addition to my Circulation duties and without any monetary compensation. The duties of Teen Specialist include planning and organizing programming for teens 12 to 17 years old, ordering books based on requests and need, and promoting the library through various venues such as Facebook or handouts sent through the local schools.  The practicum objectives are based on these needs, and they are as follows:

  1.       Create a collection development plan for the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library teen collection.
  2.       Create and organize programming for teens.
  3.       Promote reading and library use among teens, using traditional methods and social media channels.
  4.       Provide teens with educational resources that are relevant to their scholastic needs.
  5.       Create or modify the library’s social media presence to include direct outreach to teens through Facebook and Twitter.

This Inventory Report represents the current materials that are cataloged as “Young Adult” or “YAMedia” and are also currently not marked as lost, missing, checked out, or on hold.  There are currently 2727 items “at home” in the Teen Section, and they are listed based on the titles.  Clicking here will display a search of the library’s online catalog.  The selected library is Columbus-Lowndes Public Library, and the selected shelf location is Young Adult.  Although the system only displays 300 search results at one time, clicking through the results on the side bar demonstrate that there are over 2000 items in the collection.  These two items will serve as a representation of the collection.

I intend to chronicle my Practicum through blog posts in order to provide a detailed report of my work to be used as a product in my ePortfolio.

This Practicum Activity Log presents the actions performed through my practicum.  Currently, the log lists the actions from January 6 through April 7.  The last day of the practicum will be April 19, the day of the Local Artisan Fair.

These links will help to navigate through the blog posts chronicling my practicum experience: