Learning goals:

My learning goals were initially focused very broadly. Upon my entry into UT’s School of Information Sciences, my learning goal was to simply learn as much as I could about as much as possible.  After I had completed the first semester of coursework, my goals began to take more focus.  First, I decided that I wanted to learn more about the digital divide and those affected by it and how to help those people.  Second, I wanted to learn more about the access and retrieval of information.  Third, I believed that I needed to know more about the inner workings of library management, and how to successfully navigate any potential situations.  Finally, I believed that learning how to successfully manage a collection was absolutely imperative to my success as an information professional.

Career Goals:

My career goals are currently to implement the skills and knowledge I have obtained in my IS classes in my current occupation as a public librarian.  Eventually, I would like to work in a special library, such as a museum, a federal library like the Library of Congress, a public library as a teen specialist, or in an academic library.  I believe that the variety of classes I have taken paired with my current practical experience place me in an excellent position to pursue a career in any of these information environments, with a special or federal library being a main priority.

Outcome Assessment:

My learning goals are motivating me to pursue a career in library and information environments.  I have gained knowledge about the digital divide, information access and retrieval, library management, and collection management.  The coursework I have performed combined with my own practical experience through both employment and practicum make me fully prepared to work as an information professional.