March 17 – 28

These past two weeks have been sort of slow since I’ve been out a lot with a sinus infection and the ePortfolio defense.  Most of the time was spent contacting and interacting with participants for the Artisan Fair that we have coming up.  So far, we have three confirmations, with several more in the works.  I also attended a Teen Workshop held by the Mississippi Library Commission.  The program focused on SLP 14, but the program demonstrated crafts that could possibly be done at the Artisan Fair, depending on the number of participants we end up getting.  The workshop was also very informative about how to obtain additional grants and funding for programming.  I also received the Baker and Taylor summer catalog, so I have been going through the three catalogs I have to place an order when our Collection Development person returns.  I am really looking forward to the Artisan Fair, and I think that it will be a great finale to my practicum.