March 31 – April 4

I spent a lot of time this week on preparation for the Artisan Fair.  Lindsey and I coordinated with several local vendors and have received attendance confirmations from several.  On Monday, April 7, we will be speaking to one of the area middle schools about attending the fair.  We have worked together with school administrators in order to schedule times to speak and to create a way for students to earn extra credit for their attendance.  I also created a flyer for the fair, which is being displayed by all of the library’s branches.  We sent the flyer to some of the local school librarians, and we hope that they are displaying it as well.  (The flyer is shown below.)

artisan fair flyer


Also, this week was spent on some spring cleaning, organizing, and collection development.  After sitting on the floor and using the gaming chairs during the Teen Tech Week Wii Tournament, I discovered that the section seriously needed some maintenance.  The gaming chairs were especially gross.  I’m not sure how long they’ve been over there, but I know they’ve been here for at least four years.  It looks like they haven’t been cleaned at all in that time.  It was a little bit of a concern for me because I worry that a regular patron will bring in their sick child who will eventually infect the chairs.  (We VERY frequently have patrons bring their children who are sick enough to be missing school to the library, so those are the days that we break out the disinfectant spray.)  Anyway, I used disinfectant wipes on all of the touchable surfaces in the section and tried to rearrange the table to make it a little more accessible.  I also dragged all of the gaming chairs to the garage and loaded them down with disinfectant and stain remover.  It didn’t make them look much better, but I think they at least smell decent now.  After all of the cleaning, I went through several catalogs to try to add some new series, complete some others, and improve our graphic novel section.  We finally have a section that is devoted entirely to graphic novels, but it is still fairly small, so I’m hoping that we will be able to add a few larger anime series like Naruto and Bleach.  I realize that it is pretty unlikely that we will be able to purchase both series all at one time, but my plan is to order a few at a time.  This is the spreadsheet of books I would like to order for spring: Spring Order Book List.