January 21 – February 1

The week of January 21 I worked on Teen Tech Week programming and creating a brochure advertising all the new items in the teen section.  The MLK holiday made the schedule a little weird, but we made it work.  Currently, we are working on scheduling the programs for TTW, but we are looking forward to high attendance as TTW falls on the Columbus School District’s spring break.  The brochure includes a list of new Xbox and Wii games for the teen section, along with a list of *some* of the new teen books that have been ordered.  The end of the week was spent in figuring out how to shift books in the teen section to make space for a new graphic novel section.

This is the brochure: TEEN BROCHURE

The week of January 27, was spent with a lot of shifting, rearranging, and shelving.  The teen section had a section of shelving devoted to teen series, but they were not circulating well, so Lindsey and I decided that I should reincorporate them back into the teen fiction section of the library.  Reshelving the all of the teen series involved not only shelving, but a lot more shifting than I had initially expected.  Although tiring and time-consuming, I feel that this was a good choice because the formerly bare-looking teen shelves now look much fuller.  I feel like, if I were a teen, fuller shelves would be more inviting because it would be more likely to have more titles that would interest me.  (That is purely my opinion and does not reflect any actual teens’ viewpoints.)  After reincorporating the series, I went through the section and pulled any books with a visible graphic novel sticker, and I then searched through Sirsi to see if there were more books that I had missed.  There were several.  I am still trying different search methods just to be sure I pull all of the teen graphic novels that we have.  I have had several teens ask if we have a graphic novel section, and I am now very excited to tell them that we do!  I am also excited to tell them about all of the new graphic novels, books, and games that we will be putting out soon.  Currently, we are just waiting for them to be cataloged.  I also began researching for the Black History Month handout this week.