March 10 – 14

Teen Tech Week is over, and I think I’m pretty relieved that it’s done.  We had people come to every program except the “low-tech gaming” program on Wednesday, although I think that had more to do with the weather than anything else. A pretty large number of our teens walk to the library, or are dropped off downtown to walk to the library, and the weather was pretty nasty that day.  The program ended up having the staff play board games so it wouldn’t look like there was nothing going on, or that the program was cancelled.  Monday’s TAB meeting ended up with about 8 attendants.  Most of them were fairly non-talkative, but I expected that.  I handed out brief surveys that asked what days and times were best for attendance of programs, what kind of programs they wanted to attended, and ages.  The meeting took place in the Teen Lounge, and everyone just sort of sat in the lounge and talked about their interests.  Of the attendants, only two were really vocal, but the surveys should give me enough information to go on for now.  The Iron Man movie program on Tuesday was a little bit disappointing, we started out with 4 participants, but they all had to leave before the movie ended. As it turns out, that wasn’t a bad thing.  Despite my efforts to repair the DVD with our DVD repair machine before the program started, the DVD would not stop skipping.  I’m just glad that the teens had all left before it stopped playing.  Thursday’s Transformer movie program had three attendants, and the DVD didn’t skip. We had four participants for the Wii Tournament on Friday, with one teen volunteer.  We also had a few other teens join us in the Teen Lounge, but they preferred to play Xbox rather than participate in the Wii Tournament.  They did partake of the provided snacks, however.  The tournament went really well.   If there had been more than four participants, the game would have been set to tournament mode; however, with only four people, the teens decided to play Super Smash Brothers Brawl in normal battle mode.  They really enjoyed the game, and were very excited about winning free pizzas; winners were given prizes based on the number of wins they had in the game.  I think that this week was a great opportunity for me to meet some of the area teens, and to start to get to know more about them.