Monthly Archives: February, 2015

Summer, Revamps, Minecraft, and More.

Whew! I feel like summer JUST ended, but we already started planning this c0ming summer’s programming back in November!  I am very excited for this year’s theme, superheroes, and I know that my kids are going to love what I’ve got planned for them.  A wonderful local artist will be presenting a graphic novel workshop, there will be cosplay workshops, and we even won a YALSA grant for supplies. Excited is an understatement. Lindsey and I also just presented the CSLP Teen Workshop to the other teen people at the Mississippi Library Commission, and I think it was definitely a success. We really enjoyed ourselves, anyway.  Our presentation mostly focused on activities that could be incorporated into the superhero themed programming, and the activities included some superhero science, evil magnetic slime, team building, and graphic novel basics.  My favorite was the evil magnetic slime, because the faces they made were hilarious. The slime contains iron oxide, which turns it black, so it looks awful, and it’s about 40% glue, so it’s sticky and disgusting, too.

I also have decided to revamp the social media pages, and the teen section. I’m going to do some renaming and rearranging, to hopefully get more use out the section.  Yesterday, I attended a webinar about makerspaces, which gave me the idea about revamping.

Last week, I found out that my request to the Friends of the Library for Minecraft Edu was approved, and we have purchased 8 user licenses and a server.  I’m hoping to get everything set up next week and have it figured out in time for Teen Tech Week/spring break.  Hopefully, the minecraft programs will have good attendance, as it’s pretty easy to set up and doesn’t require a lot of extra planning.

Finally, I’ve decided that I would like to present at MLA’s annual conference this fall.  I’ve attended the past two years, and I’ve found that there is a significant lack of teen programming in the break out sessions. The few sessions there are typically focus on things like 3d printers, which is great, but it doesn’t help my library and several other smaller libraries with similarly smaller budgets.  My presentation idea is “STEAM Maker Programming” which focuses on things that may already be found in the library or can be bought for much less than a 3d printer. I’ve been gathering ideas, and I hope to start working on the actual presentation soon.