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SLP 14: Before

Since graduating from the University of Tennessee’s School of Information Sciences, I have almost completely immersed myself in the Summer Library Program at CLPL.  This year’s theme is “Spark a Reaction”.  Most of the other programming I’ve seen is based on science programming, but I’ve been trying to interpret in other ways, as well.  We are having four teen programs this summer, with two in June and two in July.  Two of the programs are going to be screenings of movies that show reactions of some sort.  I’m going to have a selection of movie choices at both programs, allowing the teens to choose what they want to watch.  My main choice of movie is going to be Catching Fire, which I believe is an excellent embodiment of the summer’s theme.  I also have choices like Captain America: the First Avenger and Batman.  For the second program, a team from the Mississippi State University chemistry department (AKA my husband and his coworker) are coming to the library to perform a science demonstration.  I’ve been told to expect fireworks, and the kids are really excited about this one.  The final program is our Zombie Bash.  I think that zombies, whether they’re Walking Dead, Living Dead, or any other kind of dead, typically “spark a reaction,” so this also fits the theme.  Plus, my kids LOVE zombies.  Zombie face paint, zombie target practice with Nerf guns, Plants Vs. Zombies on the Xbox, and survival games are all going to be part of the Zombie Bash.  Because it’s the final program, the kids who registered will be receiving their prize bags.  I went around to popular places around Columbus (Malco, SnoBiz, bowling alley, etc.) to formally request sponsorship from the businesses.  So far, we have five out of fourteen requested sponsorships.  I’m really excited to see how the programs will play out.  I’m also really excited because, as of yesterday, we have seventeen registered teens.  Previous years have averaged about 5 registered participants, so 17 is awesome.  Even if only half of them come to the programs, I’ll be happy.