These areas of knowledge were chosen as a representation of the student’s knowledge of the field of Information Sciences.    The student’s learning goals may be found here, and each area of knowledge directly reflects a learning goal given by the student and one of the student’s presented areas of competency.  Every day, I come in contact with the areas of knowledge mentioned below, and I constantly work to apply the knowledge I have gathered throughout my coursework and experiences.  I believe that these areas of knowledge are all connected due to their relation to user services.  For example, a patron who may not have the ability to use a computer to find his or her information needs will hopefully turn to an information professional for assistance in accessing and retrieving information.  Having access to an excellently managed and developed collection will help the researcher to best assist the patrons with information needs once the required information has been discovered.  User services not only apply to my current work in both my practicum and my job at the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library, but the principles and knowledge will be applicable in other information settings as well.

Information Retrieval 

Information Retrieval relates to Competence 2:  Reference and User Services.  This area of knowledge is reflected in the competency by a demonstration of understanding the needs of the patrons and having the ability to accurately navigate the available resources in order to provide the best information experience possible to the patron.  Information Retrieval is also listed as one of the student’s specific learning goals.

Collection Development

The Collection Development area of Knowledge relates to Competence 1: Information Resources through its examination of the chosen collection and subsequent suggestions on potential collection improvements.  The student also lists understanding the management of collections as a learning goal.

The Digital Divide

The Digital Divide knowledge area also relates to Competence 2: Reference and User Services.  This knowledge area illustrates an understanding of the needs of patrons and attempts to bridge the gap created by the digital divide.  Bridging the gap created by the digital divide is also listed as one of the student’s learning goals.