January 13 – 18

This week was pretty slow.  Mostly I just brainstormed programming ideas and checked in, inventoried, and shelved the new materials that I had ordered through the LSTA grant.  So far, the programming ideas I’m working on are mainly focused on Black History Month (BHM) and Teen Tech Week (TTW), in February and March, respectively.

For BHM, the library’s display committee has already created a great deal of programming, so I’m going to work with those in charge of the programming that is already in place to promote the programs to teens.  I am also going to create a display with teen books by African American authors and provide a handout of lesser-known or less glamorized figures and events in Black History, such as the Amistad.

TTW falls during the Columbus School District’s spring break, so attendance will hopefully probably be pretty big.  My plans for TTW include an Xbox gaming tournament, a retro game night to go with retro tech that I’m going to dig through the library to find, a pi day celebration, and a book display featuring tech-heavy books (Ender’s Game, Maze Runner Series, etc.)  I’m also thinking of doing a split Valentine’s Day/Anti-Valentine’s Day book display with romantic books on one side and gory books on the other.

I also did a lot of reading and research to see if there were any programming ideas for the types of programming I want to provide.  Teen Librarian Toolbox has been very interesting and helpful in giving me ideas that I want to adapt to use during my practicum.  I look forward to implementing my ideas.