Showcase 1: Government Sources Pathfinder

The Government Sources Pathfinder was created with the patrons of the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library in mind.  Patrons very frequently are affected by the Digital Divide, and therefore, frequently do not have the computer skills necessary to apply for employment online.  The pathfinder was created  in order to provide patrons with basic computer information, as well as a list of local, state, and national jobs to which they can apply.  The Government Sources Pathfinder is an attempt to bridge the gap created by the Digital Divide.

Showcase 2: Management of Information Organizations Final Project

The Management of Information Organizations Final Project addresses an incident occurring within an information organization and views the incident through the various lenses  that can be applied to management.  This project not only allows the student to view the organization from multiple viewpoints, it also allows the student to assess the organization in order ascertain possible changes or improvements to the organization.

Showcase 3: Collection Development

The Collection Development project focuses on the Young Adult/Teen Collection at the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library.  The project has seven stages that address, assess, and offers suggestions in order to improve the collection.

Showcase 4: Practicum

The student’s practicum was served at the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library in the capacity of Teen Specialist.  The showcase chronicles the events of the practicum and serves as an illustration of the practicum objectives.