Minecraft woes

This week is Teen Tech Week, which is pretty exciting.  Unfortunately, Teen Tech Week falls on the Columbus Municipal School District’s spring break every year.  Last year, I thought that would be great for attendance of programs.  I found out that teens mostly just want to stay home and sleep during spring, rather than come to the library like they would normally do after school.  On Monday, I had four teens show up to play Minecraft.  Our computers, however, had a network problem and would not communicate with each other to allow the teens to play a multiplayer game.  I promised them that I would have the problem solved by the next day (and I did), but they didn’t come to the program.  I always feel personally affronted when people don’t come to my programs, but after a year and a half of teen programming, I’ve come to realize that sometimes, they just don’t come.  That’s fine.  I spent the time teaching myself how to play the game so that I could at least know what was going on while they were playing. I have to say that I was pretty disappointed that no one showed up, but it’s not the first time.  I’m hoping that I’ll have more teens show up for the rest of the week, but even if they don’t show during spring break, I think that Minecraft will be a big hit.  I had several parents tell me that their kids loved to play, so I’m planning on having regularly scheduled Minecraft programs in the future. I’m also hoping to open it up to tweens as well, as it seems that they also really enjoy the game.